Once you have signed the contract and sent it back to us we will activate your area code so if 800-TENNISCOURT® is dialed from a phone with your area code it rings to your office! Immediately.  We will send you artwork right away so you can coordinate with a printer to get decals made to put on your truck and equipment!  Get the word out there fast so leads come in.
Our leading-edge technology makes it a turn-key solution for you.  Here's how it works: First, you tell us the area you work in and the area codes you would like for 800-TENNISCOURT®. For example: let's say you work in Los Angeles and you want to receive every call from everyone who calls 1-800-TENNISCOURT® from the 310 area code. Our switching network will automatically route every call made to 1-800-TENNISCOURT® from the 310 area code to your office -- and we do that for a low monthly fee. Just call 1-800-TENNISCOURT® (800) 836-6472 or use our online form to get started.

In addition to the exclusive rights to use 1-800-TENNISCOURT® in your area, we provide the following benefits:

  1. New Business / Leads: Since we own and operate the 800TENNISCOURT.com website we receive many leads – if one comes in from your area we forward it along.
  2. Specifications: To help you with signage for your trucks, equipment, finished jobs, etc. we can offer you help.
  3. Call Detail Reports that show the time, date and length of each call, along with the caller’s telephone number, city and state, allowing you to track the results of your advertising.
Yes. First check for availability. If 1•800•TENNISCOURT is available in the area codes you want then you can purchase the exclusive rights – there is no limit.  
Yes. The technology we use makes this a certainty. When you purchase the exclusive rights to use a 800 TENNISCOURT Network toll-free number in your area codes, ALL calls originating from those area codes are automatically forwarded to go to your phone number.
NO. Our technology automatically routes all calls to your existing phone number (or any number you choose -- even your mobile phone). The routing is seamless so customers do not know it’s happening - they dial the toll-free number and you answer. There is no time wasted! 
A 800 TENNISCOURT Network toll-free number enables you to create a brand that people WILL easily remember -- think 1-800-FLOWERS! Grow your brand everywhere: trucks, business cards, proposals, signage, and equipment!  The program allows your potential customers to save time by forgetting about the yellow page of google search!
YES – we want you to do this. Our marketing plan that is available to you as a member will give ideas on signage and other places and practices/promotions we recommend in promoting your business via the 800 number. 
Monthly fees begin as low as $150 plus 7 cents/minute. If more than one area code is purchased we offer a reduced rate. It is an annual contract which can be paid monthly or yearly in advance.  You can cancel at any time and will be credited back any unused time (i.e. if paying monthly your refund will be pro-rated on days used and if you paid ahead for the year you will be refunded same way).  Overall one job will pay for your yearly service - a great value.
The agreement is for twelve months and it automatically renews unless you cancel it. You can cancel it at anytime and you will only be billed on the days you used the service. We can never cancel your rights to your 800 TENNISCOURT Network toll-free number unless you stop paying your bill. The number is yours to keep for as long as you want.

Your monthly fee will not increase during the first two years. After two years, no yearly increase can be more than the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for that year.
YES! A 800 TENNISCOURT Network toll-free number helps you build value in your business – you have created a brand! Both the number and the brand you’ve grown become assets of your business, making it more valuable to a buyer.
An Overlay Area Code is an area code that has been added to the same geographic area as a pre-existing area code, with all pre-existing phone customers retaining the original area code. New telephone customers for local phone service, cellular and paging services, alarms, etc. may be assigned telephone numbers in the new overlay area code.

When you purchase the exclusive rights to a 800 TENNISCOURT® Network toll-free number for an area code that has an overlay, the overlay area code is automatically included. You do NOT have to purchase the rights for the overlay area code separately.
It’s EASY! Just call 1•800•TENNISCOURT (800 836-6472) or click here to check pricing and availability. Welcome to the 800 TENNISCOURT Network! We are confident you will be very pleased with the service and have increased sales!